Association of Social and Behavioral Scientists' Awards

The Association of Social and Behavioral Scientists, Inc. presents the following annual awards:

The W.E.B. DuBois Award

This award was established by the Association in 1970 to honor outstanding social and behavioral scientists and  civic leaders who have made significant contributions in improving the lives of African Americans. Past recipients  have included prominent scholars, community and civic leaders, and government officials.

The Theophilus E. McKinney Undergraduate Student Research Award

This award honors the Association's founder. Dr. McKinney felt that undergraduate students should be trained to  become professionals through a series of avenues and used ASBS to establish a student organization which afforded  them participation opportunities. Thus, this award recognizes and encourages the continued participation and  research accomplishments of undergraduate students.

The Marguerite Rogers Howie Distinguished Service Award

This award was initiated to honor the lengthy and outstanding service of Professor Marguerite Rogers Howie, a  member for more than 40 years, who spearheaded development of the ASBS Endowment. This award is presented  to an ASBS member whose service to the Association models that of Professor Howie.

The Charles U. Smith Junior Faculty Achievement Award

Dr. Smith established and funded this award to encourage junior faculty members as they embark upon careers in  higher education and to extend appreciation to them for their scholastic achievements and abilities that earned them  positions in the academy. Dr. Charles U. Smith, a fierce opponent of racism and one of the most celebrated scholars in  the history of Florida A&M University, died Monday, April 20, 2015.  Smith held numerous awards in his field.  He  was the Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Sociology and Former Dean of Graduate Studies at the University.   Unfortuneately, the Charles U. Smith Junior Faculty Achievement Award was discontinued after his death due to the  lack of funding.

The Trailblazer Award

This award resulted during the formation of the Association of Social and Behavioral Scientists, Inc.’s75th  Anniversary and Diamond Jubilee Celebration in 2010.  It was decided that special recognitions should be presented  to distinguished ASBS leaders for their contributions, pioneering personal achievements, and continued support of  the Association. Living and deceased members were recognized the Annual W. E. B. DuBois Award Luncheon

The Delores P. Aldridge Graduate Student Research Award

This  initiative, named in  her  honor of  its donor,  was  developed  to establish the  graduate reseach  competition.  Dr. Delores P. Aldridge is the Grace Towns Hamilton Professor Emerita of Sociology and African American Studies at  Emory University.  She is a nationally recognized scholar, author, and personality in the Academy, who has dedicated  a significant portion of her profession to mentoring graduate students through teaching, research, and advisement.  Thus,  in addition to rewarding and supporting competition winners, the award recognizes the participation and  research accomplishments of graduate students and encourages them to address social and behavioral issues that  impact Blacks.

W. E. B. DuBois

The Theophilus E. McKinney Undergraduate Student Research Award

Marguerite Rogers Howie

Charles U. Smith

The Trailblazer Award

Delores P. Aldridge